Monitoring Brand Mentions

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There are many ways to monitor brand mentions, especially when we consider monitoring on social platforms as well as using the traditional search engines.

Monitoring brand mentions in Google

Google has it's own alerts system - - which allows you to set up pre-defined searches which alert you (at pre-defined intervals) whenever new content is found. This is a great way to find new mentions of your brand, products, staff and even competitors. Simply enter the information into the relevant boxes, and save the alert.

Monitoring brand mentions on social media

It is equally important to monitor brand mentions on social media - and often important for this to be done in a timely manner. Packages such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite have in-built systems to monitor specified keywords or phrases - even narrowing this down to within a radius of a specified point. It is also possible to use real-time social search engines, such as Social Mention, to track mentions in real-time.