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Color is a strong and communicative element to any brand identity. The Joomla! logo is made up of an attractive and dynamic palette that will bring color and vibrance to all communication materials. The harmonious blend of colors provide great exibility in design while producing a consistent brand color scheme for all communications. When used, the logo color palette will generate a strong brand unity and create visually stunning materials that reflect the brand name.

File:Joomla! Logo Colors.png
Excerpt from Chapter 5 of the Joomla! Brand Manual (2005-02-10)
Joomla! Color Palette
red blue orange green black
Web conversion values
Hex #ED2E38 Hex #578AD6 Hex #EBAD14 Hex #61BF1A Hex #000000
RGB conversion values
R: 237 R: 87 R: 235 R: 97 R: 0
G: 46 G: 138 G: 173 G: 91 G: 0
B: 56 B: 214 B: 20 B: 26 B: 0
CMYK conversion values <footnote>For richer blacks when printing large areas of black, use these CMYK values: C: 60 M: 40 Y: 40 K: 100</footnote>
C: 0 C: 68 C: 0 C: 57 C: 0
M: 90 M: 34 M: 35 M: 0 M: 0
Y: 86 Y: 0 Y: 85 Y: 100 Y: 0
K: 0 K: 0 K: 0 K: 0 K: 100
red blue orange green black

In Adobe Photoshop® the U colors can be found in the Pantone® solid uncoated palette.

Joomla! Working Groups
#ED8E03 orange Developer forum
#C348C3 fuchsia Documentation forum
#70BE29 green Foundation forum
#CC0000 red Sites & Infrastructure forum
#C16B42 umbra Translations forum