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I tried this code in my application and it almost worked but not exactly.

When I selected more than one item, the parameter was saved in the database as: p1|p2 rather than p1,p2 as would be the normal case of html.

If I then go to the database and change it manually to p1,p2; then it displayed correctly in the administrator..

Any ideas for a fix?????????????????

Line with $value is unnecessary - when you select more than one items then it returns array in array. I've removed this line from the source code - now it should works fine.

I needed this

   function fetchElement($name, $value, &$node, $control_name) {
       // value string to array
       $value = explode(',', $value);
       return JHTML::_('select.genericlist', $options, $ctrl, $attribs, 'value', 'text', $value, $control_name . $name);

multiple "categories"

in joomla 1.6 and above, the category param allows to choice only one selection.

if you need more than one choice, how can to do it?

			   label="Lista de categorías"

the multiple param must be: multiple="multiple" and close the field element