Using Firebug With Your Joomla Website

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Firebug is a free add-on program that works with the Firefox web browser. It is tremendously helpful when you are working with Joomla! websites. Firebug lets you:

  • quickly find the exact CSS code that styles any HTML element on a page;
  • quickly identify the HTML code for any element on a page;
  • instantly see the effects of changes to HTML or CSS code on the appearance of the page.

A free, narrated video tutorial called "Using Firebug With Your Joomla! Website" is available at the links below. To play the videos, just click on the links below. To download the video files to your local computer and play them locally, right-click each link in Firefox and select "Save Link As". The contents of each video is as follows:

Part One with no subtitles or Part One with English subtitles (18 minutes)

  • Install Firebug
  • Firebug Layout
  • Inspect Command
  • Find Element From HTML
  • Change CSS
  • Add New CSS
  • Explore Beez Template
  • Beez Font Size Buttons
  • Beez Tableless Design
  • What's Next

Part Two with no subtitles or Part Two with English subtitles (13 minutes)

  • Module Class Suffixes
  • Menu Styling
  • Module Class Suffix Parameter
  • Page Class Suffix Parameter
  • Add Inline CSS Property
  • Apply Style to New CSS Class
  • Firebug Help Resources

Click here to download both tutorials in one Zip archive. Just unzip the archive and open the SWF files in your browser or SWF player.

Other Languages Available

This tutorial is also available with subtitles in the following languages:

Italian: Part One Part Two

Dutch: Part One Part Two

Video Controls

The videos have the following controls:

  • Play / Pause
  • Slider (to quickly position to any point in the video)
  • Volume
  • Table of Contents (pops up)
  • Time Elapsed / Total Time

These are as shown in the picture below.