System error pages

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Error Page Templates

By default Joomla! uses special templates when it needs to raise an error response. These are located in the templates/system directory. For server-level status codes these are named for the status code that is being raised. The default system error pages are:

  • templates/system/403.php (Status code: 403 Forbidden)
  • templates/system/404.php (Status code: 404 Not Found)
  • templates/system/500.php (Status code: 500 Internal Server Error)

In addition, these system error pages are also available:

  • templates/system/component.php (not sure when this is used)
  • templates/system/offline.php is used to render the "site is offline" message.

Note that jdoc:include elements are not parsed in these error pages.

The status codes are defined as part of the HTTP protocol in RFC2616. For further information on HTTP status codes see:

Styling the Error Pages

These pages can be styled using the following CSS classes:

  • errorboxheader
  • errorboxbody
  • techinfo