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The following is a list of the most visited Joomla! Help Screens. They are shown in descending order of "popularity" and compiled from Google Analytics data. This data is gathered from the proxy server for the official English help screens provided to Joomla! users. Please note, some of the listed wiki pages are are not in the help screen, Help, namespace. These pages are not actual Joomla! help screens, but were accessed from links found in the help screen pages.

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, this list was compiled from anonymous Google Analytics data; we do not track individual users.


  1. Help25:Start Here
  2. Help16:Start Here
  3. Help30:Start Here
  4. Help25:Content Article Manager Edit
  5. Help25:Content Article Manager
  6. Getting Started with Joomla!
  7. Help25:Site Global Configuration
  8. Help25:Menus Menu Item Manager
  9. Help25:Extensions Template Manager Styles
  10. Help25:Extensions Module Manager Edit
  11. Help16:Content Article Manager
  12. Help25:Site System Information
  13. Help25:Extensions Template Manager Styles Edit
  14. Help25:Content Media Manager
  15. Help25:Extensions Module Manager
  16. Help16:Content Article Manager Edit
  17. Help25:Extensions Template Manager Templates
  18. Help17:Start Here
  19. Help25:Extensions Template Manager Templates Edit
  20. Help25:Extensions Plugin Manager Edit
  21. Help25:Extensions Template Manager Styles
  22. Help25:Extensions Extension Manager Install
  23. Help25:Menus Menu Manager Edit
  24. Help25:Menus Menu Manager
  25. Help25:Components Banners Banners