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What forum is used at

We are currently using the forum software, phpBB3. phpBB is located here:

How is the forum at integrated with Joomla!?

The forum is not bridged with Joomla! in any way. The forum uses a customized theme that matches the rest of the sites.

What are the rules of the forums?

You can read the current forum rules here:

How do you empty your PM-box on the forum?

Problem Your PM-box is full and nobody can send you anymore messages. How to solve this?

Solution go to your messages and "check" the box and click delete for those you want to delete.

Note: READ them first before you delete them!

How do I search the forum to find what I need?

The forum search is somewhat tricky. Here are some tips for effective searching:

  1. Searches are case sensitive, so try upper and lower case. For example, xml and XML will give different results.
  2. Searches are for whole words, so for example error and errors will give different results.The forums are spidered by external search engines so you may be more successful using one of these.
  3. Advanced search will let you search with more parameters.

What are the stars/ranks under the forum username represent?

The stars and ranks are based upon the number of posts a user has. See this page for more details:Explain 5 Star Rating System For Forum Posters.

Why are there different colors of usernames?

The different colors of the usernames are used to differentiate between the different working groups of Joomla!. See this page for more details:Explain 5 Star Rating System For Forum Posters.