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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

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This page provides information and guidelines for Joomla! Documentation's localisation policy.

Our current documentation is en-GB. The English version of a page will be the source language and aid in tracking changes to the page. Simply, there must be a English version of a page for translation.


Tools for Translators

Below is a list of the language extension and available tools used for translations on Joomla Documentation

Translate extension

We currently have installed and are using the Translate extension, which uses the subpage convention to mark and translate pages on Joomla! ドキュメンテーション.

The translation system is recommended at least for most visited and stable pages. Further policies have not been established and are being considered.

You can request a page to be added to translation by preparing it for translation, then a translation administrator will have to enable it (see the tutorial How to prepare a page for translation); otherwise, ask directly to one of the Translation administrators to do it.

Translation Policies by Language

Below is a list of links to pages, localised, explaining common translation wording and do's and do not's when translating from English pages to your language.

es - Español - Spanish

ru - Русский - Russian