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Policies and guidelines express standards that have community consensus, though to differing degrees: policies are considered a standard that all users should follow, whereas guidelines are more advisory in nature. Both need to be approached with common sense. A user who acts against the spirit of them may be reprimanded, even if technically no rule has been violated. Those who edit in good faith, are civil, seek consensus, and work towards the goal of creating great documentation for the Joomla! project(s) should find a welcoming environment.

Abstracts of current key policies and guidelines are given in the next sections including links to their full text.


Wiki policy

This policy covers usage of the Joomla! Documentation Wiki at Failure to abide by this policy may result in editing or removal of your contributions. We reserve the right to ban abusers from this site either for a specific time period or indefinitely. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

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Editorial style guides

The guides in this chapter should help authors and editors to preserve a consistant styling and naming of the wiki-based documentation. You can also download the general Editorial Style Guide (PDF) that applies to all Joomla! Documentation.

Words to watch

Words to Watch are words commonly misspelled or which may have variations that depend on the Joomla! style guide choices.

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Summary style

  • Sections of long articles should be spun off into their own articles leaving a summary in its place
  • Summary sections are linked to the detailed article with a {{main}} or comparable template
  • To preserve links to the edit history of the moved text, the first edit summary of the new article links back to the original: add "spin-off of [[Original large article]]" into the Summary: field.

Documentation policies



The contents of this wiki are subject to copyright law and are made available under the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License (JEDL) unless otherwise stated. You may find the JEDL Frequently Asked Questions useful in determining if your proposed use of this material is allowed. If you have any questions regarding licensing of this material please contact If you wish to report a possible violation of the license terms for the material on this site then please contact

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 General Information

Brief list of subjects that will be covered on dedicated pages.

Categories help users navigate the Joomla! Documentation via multiple taxonomies
Categories are for defining characteristics, and should be specific, neutral, inclusive and follow certain conventions.


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