Logging in or out of the Administrator back-end

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You can only log in to the Administrator interface if you have administration or back-end privileges. The Administrator interface(application) can be reached by appending the word administrator to the URL of your site. For example, if you usally access your web site on:
 then go to to access the Administrator panel


  • Enter your username and password into the relevant fields. If required, select your preferred language from the drop-down list.
  • Now click the Login button and if you are logged in successfully you should see the Administrator control panel screen which looks similar to this:


  • To log out of the Administrator back-end, locate the Logout link in the top-right corner of the Administrator screen.

Logging out will return you to the Administrator login screen. If the Logout link is greyed out and nothing happens when you click on it, then you are probably in a screen where you have some resource locked for your exclusive use. Click the Cancel toolbar button first to release the resource, then click on the Logout link.