Analysing User Experience

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Tweaking your conversion rate is often the easiest way to increase revenue – and quicker to do than getting more people to visit. If you have a conversion rate of say 2% from 100 visitors, it's quite a challenge to increase the number of visitors sufficiently to see a return on investment, but it's often not too difficult to increase the conversion rate – which will then benefit you as you increase the number of visitors.

In addition to using the Analytics goals, you can also get a good idea of how people are using your website through a really nice piece of software called Clicktale. This allows you to track the visitors' activity on the site, with visual representation on heatmaps which show areas of interest, how long users spend in each area, how far they scroll, problems they might be having with areas of the site and much more.

There is a free package available which allows you to access most of the features for one domain – it's well worth checking out.